SCR Workshops

Street Corner Resources had developed a number of workshops, designed to help participants in a number of critical areas.  From anti-gun violence to workplace readiness, each of these workshops engages the participants in a thoughtful, reflective dialogue, designed to educate, inform and enlighten.

To Be or Not to Be (anti-gang /anti violence)tm

This workshop is designed to engage young people in open discussions / activities that lead to critical thinking and good decision making to avoid violence and gang activity.

The Success Factor TM

This series of motivational workshops geared towards helping young people adapt new behaviors to achieve success in school, community and the workplace.

Preventive Measures TM

This interactive workshop is strategically designed to provide necessary intervention and increase young people’s knowledge in specific areas like drugs, sex and violence.

Rekindling the Inner Spirit to Succeed TM

Designed for males and females as individual groups- designed to give participants an opportunity to listen, interact, and network, with a diverse group of successful people. This workshop is full of options and possibilities for youth as they learn to journey onto success.


Workin’ it out TM

Effectively prepares youth for employment by using a holistic approach combining traditional and non-traditional work readiness training in a series of interactive workshops where self-assessment is a key ingredient.

Making it TM  (Life Skills)

Participants will learn a variety of life management skills including how to use community resources to better manage their lives; how to positively think “outside the box” for their survival; employment and basic life management skills.